“In July 2007, and August 2009, I undertook studies at
Bat Kol Institute in Jerusalem. There I experienced a vibrant learning environment which broke open the Scriptures through an encounter with ‘the People, the Language, the Land, the Book.’ 

“Upon my return home to Sydney, Australia I drew together a team of people to pilot a grassroots strategy for awakening Catholics to the riches of their Jewish ancestry-in-faith through the love and study of Torah.

"We call this biblical apostolate Light of Torah.

"The genesis of this initiative was supported and enabled in important ways by Jack Driscoll, CFC, of Jerusalem and New York, until his death in September 2010. May our efforts always bear the imprint of his love for Torah and the Jewish people."

Teresa Pirola, ThD

Contact: teresa.pirola@bigpond.com