Torah Articles

What to read and when?

Our Light of Torah reflections are grouped according to the divisions of the Jewish calendar of readings.

This annual liturgical calendar assigns a Torah portion (a section of the bible) to each week of the year. Over one year, all five books of the Pentateuch (from Genesis to Deuteronomy) are read.

The Hebrew term Parashat Hashavuah means 'Torah portion of the Week'.

Each weekly Torah portion has a Hebrew title which reflects the first significant word of that portion. E.g., The first Torah portion (Gen 1:1 - 6:8) is titled Bereshit, 'In the beginning'.

In our Light of Torah study groups/pairs, each week we read the assigned Torah portion (or part of), with the aid of a Light of Torah leaflet.

  • To find which Torah portion is assigned to what week, consult the current calendar here (courtesy of Etz-Hayim - Tree of Life publishing)
  • Then select a Torah leaflet corresponding to that Torah portion from the menu at left: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers or Deuteronomy.