Getting Started

The principal goal of Light of Torah is to encourage Torah reflection among Catholics - especially in the home, around meal tables, in parishes, and in small community settings.

Our main audience is Catholics simply because that is the community from which this ministry arises, however the material is readily available to all Christians, indeed, to all with a thirst for God's Word.

We approach Torah study with the awareness that:

  • The home is a holy place;
  • God speaks to us through God's Word;
  • God speaks to us as a people, with a sacred story;
  • In Scripture, the words of God are expressed in human language, just as the word of the eternal Father took flesh in the humanity of Jesus (cf. Dei Verbum, 13);
  • By reflecting on Torah with attention to Jewish insights we are responding to the Church's call (Nostra Aetate, 4) that we be attentive to the Jewish-Christian relationship;
  • Our Torah study is not just intellectual curiosity but transformation of lifestyle;
  • Small steps count: "Just as rain comes down in drops and forms rivers, so with the Torah; one studies a bit today and some more tonorrow, until in time one becomes like a flowing stream." (Song of Songs Rabbah)

The basic tools for this ministry are the Scriptures, the Jewish calendar of readings, and the weekly Light of Torah leaflets.

Anyone can start a Torah study group. There are no hard and fast rules, although the following Start-Up series may assist. There are five leaflets, suitable for parish audiences:

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