Holy Land Tour

Wailing WallIn 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 the Light of Torah ministry, in collaboration with MennoJerusalem Bible Lands Tours and Harvest Pilgrimages, held a 19-day tour of Israel and the Palestinian territories. This is an educational and inspirational journey, exploring the biblical text 'in context': the Land, the People, the Book.

A feature of this tour is its attention to the deep connections between Judaism and Christianity. Walking in the steps of Jesus we become aware of his Jewish identity and the traditions that formed him. We touch the sacramentality of the Land and taste the Scriptures as living texts. We listen to the stories of this unique place on earth, its peoples and their struggles.

For those in Sydney, the tour involves four preparatory gatherings and one follow-up session. Suitable reading material is provided for those geographically out of reach of these gatherings.

The tour is suitable as a renewal program for teachers, pastoral leaders and parishioners active in ministry with a desire to deepen their biblical awareness.

For further info and sample itinerary read more here.

Next Tour: Sorry, no Light of Torah tours are planned for the forseeable future. Enquiries: teresa.pirola1@dbb.catholic.edu.au