In Memory of Br Jack Driscoll CFC

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Brother Dr Jack Driscoll, CFC (1933-2010)

On 21 Sept 2010 Br Jack Driscoll, CFC, our beautiful friend, colleague and mentor in this Light of Torah ministry, passed into eternal life following a battle with cancer. Jack was passionate about Light of Torah and the possibilities it held for the renewal of the Church. Through our faith in the abundant love of our Lord God, our belief in the resurrection and the communion of saints, we know that Jack’s involvement with this work has changed, not ended. We pray for him, just as we know he prays for us.


Rose"I will praise the Lord all my life, sing hymns to my God while I exist" (Psalm 146:2).


Br Jack Driscoll's podcasts, 2010:  Parashat VayechiParashat ShemotParashat VaeraParashat BoParashat Beshalach; Parashat Yitro; Parashat Mishpatim; Parashat TerumahParashat TetzavehParashat Ki TisaParashat Vayakhel-PekudeiParashat VayikraParashat TzavReflection on Miriam; Parashat SheminiParashat Tazria-MetzorahParashat Aharei-KedoshimComparison of Noah, Abraham, Moses.

In memory of Rabbi Dr Pesach Schindler

August 2017. With sadness we mark the passing of Rabbi Dr Pesach Schindler (Jerusalem, Israel) who has been an important friend to this Light of Torah initiative. Through a regular email conversation (2009-2013) Pesach generously shared his insights, guidance and encouragement in the development of the weeky Light of Torah commentaries. He always made room in his schedule to teach our Australian Light of Torah groups each year we visited Israel. Pesach is remembered worldwide by Christians who have studied with Bat Kol Institute in Jerusalem. So many memories, so much gratitude. May our ongoing Torah work and love for the Jewish people honour the memory of our dear friend and teacher.