Torah Study Group

Light of Torah is a network of Catholics who engage in Torah reflection.
    As a movement within the Catholic community (and open to all) our purpose is to facilitate a grassroots awakening to the beauty and riches of the Hebrew Scriptures ('Old Testament') through the study of Torah in homes, parishes and small community settings.
    We do so with attention to the insights, traditions and sacred writings of the Jewish people, conscious of their pivotal role in salvation history and their covenantal relationship with God which endures to this day.
    It was through Judaism that we received Jesus, the Living Torah. We seek to draw closer to Jesus by learning more about the Scriptures he loved and the way in which he, as a Jew, approached them.
    Our Jewish spiritual heritage is important to us. Christianity is rooted in Judaism as a plant is rooted in the earth. Vatican II recognized this in Nostra Aetate, a ground-breaking document that signalled a new era in Jewish-Christian relations.
    We experience Torah as light to the mind and joy to the spirit. Through Torah, God ‘speaks’ to us, drawing us into loving and intimate conversation. We want to be good conversationalists with God! And we want to draw others into this language of love. We develop ways of sharing what we learn with our friends, families and parishes, through various resources, many of which are found on this website.

Our interest in Judaism does not suggest any intention, explicit or implicit, to 'convert' Jews. We recognize that the Jewish people have a unique relationship with God and an irreplaceable role in salvation history. As Catholics we can only be enriched by the influence of vibrant Jewish communities responsive to God's call.

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