Weekly Torah Reflections

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The Light of Torah publication follows the Jewish liturgical cycle which divides the five books of the Torah into weekly portions (In Hebrew: the Parashat Hashavuah or ‘Torah portion of the week’). Thus the Torah is read in synagogues in its entirety over the course of one year.

Each Light of Torah leaflet guides the reader through an exploration of a small section of the Torah portion, often just one or two verses. Designed for grassroots Christian audiences, the reflection follows the interpretative lead of Jewish Torah commentary from ancient, medieval or contemporary sources. In this way, the biblical horizons of the Christian reader are expanded and enriched by Jewish tradition. [See: 'What to read, and when']

The Light of Torah leaflets have been authored by Teresa Pirola, under the guidance of a Jerusalem-based Orthodox rabbi/teacher. The material may be reproduced for non-commercial pastoral use.

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